The documents required for Indian employment visa must be accompanied by a set of original or authenticated documents. It is better to talk to the best immigration lawyers in the country . The list of these required documents is as under:

  • Properly filled out Employment visa application form.

  • A valid travel document and re-entry permit from the applicant’s country of origin or country of domicile (if the applicant has been residing in the country of domicile for at least 2 years).

  • A valid document that proves that the applicant has secured employment, a contract, an engagement, or role in an Indian company, industry, NGO, organization, etc.

  • Valid documents of educational qualifications.

  • Valid documents of professional qualifications.

  • Valid documents of any additional skill training, specialization, technical training, etc.

  • Copy of valid passport with at least 6 months validity, to be renewed before travelling.

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