If your employer is not paying you salary, you can get these legal remedies:

  • Approach Labour Commission: In cases of unpaid salary, an employee can approach the labour commissioner with the help of best labour lawyers in India who tries to reconcile the matter. In the event of failure to reconcile, case can be handed over to the Court of competent jurisdiction.

  • Approach Court under Industrial Dispute Act: An employee can file a suit under Section 33(c) of Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 for recovery of money due from an employer. Either the employee or any person authorized by him or his legal heir (in the event of his death) can claim to recover money on his behalf. The amount of money due or basis of computation of benefit is done according to provisions of the Act.

  • Approach the Authority under Payment of Wages Act: You can file a case with the competent Authority under this Act, in the event of unpaid salaries or insufficient wages with the help of experienced employment lawyers in India .

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