You can claim various maternity benefits in your office. Women employees in India are provided with a special benefit during and after their pregnancy, known as the maternity benefit. Maternity benefit in India is provided in form of 'fully paid' leaves to pregnant and lactating women to take care of themselves and their child. In case you are denied any of these benefits you can consult expert labour lawyers online .

The maternity benefits available to you are:

  • Increased duration of leave: The duration has been increased from 12 weeks to 26 weeks and can be availed 8 weeks prior to the delivery of child and 18 weeks after that.

  • Option to Work from home: The new rules give the option to women to work from home, as agreed or negotiated with the employer on the expiry of 26 weeks maternity leave.

  • Paid maternity leaves: Maternity leaves are fully paid, to ensure that you do not face any financial issue at the most crucial time of your life.

  • Benefit to adoptive and commissioning mothers: The benefit has been extended to the adopting mothers as well, who were otherwise kept on a backseat in regards to this benefit. They are now entitled to a 12 weeks maternity leave.

  • Crèche facility to be provided by employer: It is compulsory for an employer having more than 50 employees to provide for a crèche facility in office and to allow the woman to visit her child 4 times a day.

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