The employer cannot terminate your job without giving you a proper legal notice period . However, if he decides to do so, he has to either pay him in lieu of that notice period which means that he has to pay the employer the salary equivalent to that he would have received had he served his notice period. If the employer fails to do both, you can file a civil suit against him with the help of best employment and labour advocates in India .

If you had signed an employment agreement, your employer cannot terminate your employment without giving you a notice period as per the conditions of the agreement. In case he decides to do it, two situations may arise. First, he may ask for your consent. In such conditions you can reach to a conclusion with him on negotiated terms in regards to the salary, termination and other aspects. Secondly, he may terminate your job without asking for your consent, in such conditions you can file a civil suit with the help of top labour lawyers online. Any other situation may also arise depending upon the nature of your employment agreement. Thus, it is advisable to always get a properly drafted employment agreement .

If you did not sign an employment agreement, the employer has to either give you notice or payment in lieu of that notice. This is money equivalent to the salary that the employee would have earned during the required notice period.

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