Under Negotiable Instruments Act the limitation period is 30 days from the expiry of the notice period. Limitation period is the time within which you need to file a complaint case, failing which the right to seek that remedy lapses. You can still file a case for cheque bounce after the lapse of 30 days if you can provide with a reasonable justification in regards to the delay. The limitation period to send a notice on receiving information as to dishonour of cheque is 30 days. Thus, to sum up the timeline is:

  • Step 1: Dishonour of Cheque and receipt of information from banker.

  • Step 2: Send a notice within 30 days of receipt of such information. If drawer takes steps and you receive your dues before expiry of notice period, you can escape legal proceedings.

  • Step 3: Lapse of notice period in 15 days.

  • Step 4: If no action is taken by drawer, you can now file a criminal case against him with the help of top cheque bounce lawyers in India .

It is pertinent to note that you have a right to represent the cheque to the bank even if it is dishonoured once.

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