There exists a special rule for dishonour of post-dated cheques . Post dated cheques can be issued for any purpose i.e. to secure a loan, to serve as an advance or security or for discharge of a legally enforceable debt. However, only if the cheque was issued for discharge of a legally enforceable debt, can it be said to be dishonoured or bounced. Thus, it must be proven that the date on which the cheque was issued, there existed a legally enforceable debt or liability due to be paid to the payee by the drawer.

If there existed no such debt on the date of issue of cheque, but comes into picture post the date of issue but before the date of payment, there can be no offence of a cheque bounce case. This stands as a very strong defense in any cheque bounce case. To save yourself from the punishment or arrest it is advisable that you consult expert cheque bounce lawyers online who can defend your case.

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