Can I see the sample of a document ?
For every document you can view the sample by clicking on the picture provided in the description page of that particular document. We assure you that the quality and detailing of the actual document you will receive would be better than the sample.
How do I find the right legal document ?
You can search for the document as per your need in the documents . All the documents are arranged categorically for you so you do not face any difficulty in finding them. Also, description and uses of each document are provided so you can make sure that you create the right document for the intended purpose.

What formats are the docs available in ?
The documents are available in Microsoft Word format (.doc).
The Microsoft Word (.doc) format opens on PCs with Windows and either Microsoft Word or WordPad. On Mac, you will need Microsoft Word for Mac or AppleWorks to open this type of file. Text Edit on Mac OS X can also open these files. The benefit of using Microsoft Word files is that you may edit the form on your computer.
What is the 15 day warranty you offer ?
In the 15 day warranty feature you can re-edit your ordered legal document from the booking history option in your profile and submit for receiving the soft copy of the document with the desired changes, absolutely free and instantly. Please note that you can only change and request for the soft copy of the document as many times you want during the first 15 days of your making the payment only.

When will I receive the document I have purchased ?
Soft copy of your agreement will get be sent to your email address after successful payment.
Can I order by phone or fax, or pay by cheque?
We accept payment using all major credit or debit cards. Currently, we do not accept orders via phone or fax.

When and how can I contact Customer Support in case of any problem ?
Feel free to contact us regarding any problem.Our contact details are provided on the Contact Us page.
Are your documents genuine ?
The documents we provide are prepared by legal experts with years of experience in a particular law field. They are first prepared and then cross checked twice by other professionals in our team before being sent.

Why should I buy from legisitify ?
Our platform is created solely for the purpose of eliminatng the hassles of legal document creation. We provide genuine, lawyer verified legal documents with a 15 day warranty . You can also customize the document in case you want to add certain clauses other than the ones already covered. Apart from that our documents are valid across India and are unbelievably pocket friendly.
How do I order a legal document ?
The entire procedure is extremely simple. Select a document of your choice from the documents section and click on the Start creating a document button on its description page. You would then be redirected to the document making canvas. Fill up your details, review your entries and pay through our secured payment gateway. You will be mailed your legal document in a few minutes following the payment.

How does your membership plan work?
Our membership plans provide lower cost, more services and are designed according to the type of business you are involved with. For instance, if you are running a startup, you could go for premium membership plan where you can avail longer validation period and free lawyer consultation hours.
How do I get specific clauses added to my agreement ?
At the end of every questionnaire there is a Custom tab. Just write in your requests for a particular clause or a particular addition or removal to your document. You do not have to use legal jargons but be as specific about your request as possible. You will receive your final agreement within 2-3 working days. Please note that this timeline will only be applied if you have used your custom request feature. Leave this space empty if there is no such request.

Can I save an incomplete document and complete it later?
Sure. You can save your documents any time in between and edit them later. Just go to 'Pending' in the document option in the sidebar on your dashboard, choose the document you wish to complete and click on 'Edit'.
Can I purchase a document without signing up for the website ?
No. We need specific information about you and thereby account creation on our platform is important. It also helps us keep a check on the credibility of a person ordering a document.

How do I know more about the document I wish to purchase ?
You can read the description of all the available documents by clicking on the document's name and learn almost everything relevant. A document preview has also been provided for each document for you to see what the final agreement would look like.
How do I know my personal information and order history is not at risk of a leak ?
Your information is extremely valuable to us. We understand that you put trust in us and we thereby assure you of keeping your document order history and other personal details completely confidential and safe.

How does the 15 days warranty work ?
The entire process is extremely simple!
(i)Go to My Account.
(ii)Select Document on the sidebar.
(iii)Choose 'History' from the dropdown.
(iv)Choose the document you wish to edit by clicking on the "Edit" button. Please note that the “Edit” button would only be active for 15 days after purchase.
(v)You will then be redirected to the questionnaire page where you can make the required changes for the revised agreement and submit when done.
(v)The revised agreement would be mailed to you within a few minutes.
In my 15 days warranty period, can I only edit my document once?
Within 15 days from the date of purchase you can edit your document any number of times you want.
You can make changes by following these simple steps:
(i)Log in to your account.
(ii)Select Document on the sidebar.
(iii)Choose 'History' from the dropdown.Click on edit for the document you want to edit. Please note that the “Edit” button would only be active for 15 days after purchase.
(iv)You will then be redirected to the questionnaire page where you can make the required changes for the revised agreement and submit when done.
(v)The revised agreement would be mailed to you within a few minutes.

How do you provide these complex legal documents in minutes ? Do you use templates ?
Our team has been working hard for creation of all these legal documents online on our automated document creator. Thus the entire procedure is automated and highly simplified for you to receive your desired document in minutes. Please note that we do not use templates and fill up your details. We constantly update all the documents and related questions. Your answer to each question determines the addition/removal/alteration of a particular clause in your final agreement. Be assured that there is no compromise in the quality and credibility of any document you receive.