Parking Space Lease

This agreement is entered between a lessor and a lessee to outline the terms and conditions under which a parking space will be leased out. This agreement is important for both the parties involved in the deal. To a lessee, it provides information related to the permitted use of the legally owned parking space, terms of the agreement and other details such as payment and period of lease, while to a lessor, it will ensures that legal action can be taken if the lessee does not pay rent on time or use the property for any purpose other than that mentioned in the agreement. This also prevents any conflict which may arise in future between both the parties.

This agreement can be enforced legally by printing it on a non judicial stamp paper duly signed by both the parties in the presence of two attesting witnesses. It should be registered at the sub registrar office if the period exceeds 11 months. Use this agreement if: 1.You as an owner wish to lease out a parking space 2.You as a lessee would like to legally claim a parking space.

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