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Document Description

When a person dies leaving an estate without a will, any person who are connected with him, either by marriage or by consanguinity, are entitled to obtain letters of administration by Court authorizing him to take control of and dispose of the estate of deceased person. The power of attorney for obtaining letters of administration is a legal document where a legal heir of deceased intestate authorizes another person to obtain the letter of administration by Court and to take possession of such property on his behalf. When a person dies leaving an estate, it is requisite to appoint a person for executing and disposing of the case. There may be circumstances when you are unable to obtain the letter of administration from Court personally, through this document you can appoint an attorney to apply for and obtain letters of administration in respect of the Estate, to take possession of all the properties moveable and immovable left by the estate, to sign, declare and file petition in the court and to sign and file all other documents and papers. This will ensure that deceased property is disposed of properly.

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