How Legistify Consult works

  1. Provide key details about your requirement
  2. Choose a legal expert and pay
  3. The expert calls you within 1 business day

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Why Use Legistify

Handpicked Experts

All lawyers on our platform go through a strict vetting procedure

Technology Driven

Robust technology that enables a quick response time and secures all your information

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise a seamless experience and a money back guarantee*

Questions We Frequently Hear

For how long can I consult the Lawyer
Consultation can go on upto One hour
Do I have to pay for the consultation
Yes, you have to pay for the consultation as soon as you select the lawyer
What is the consultation fees
Every lawyer has a different consultation fee which is displayed with their information
What if I need a free advice
You can look out for lawyers with zero consultation charges mentioned on their profiles
Can I pay after my consultation
NO. We take the payment before hand in order to make sure no spam request are being sent to lawyers and to keep a quality check and make sure that these Lawyers do their best to help you out. Lawyers are paid only after your review from the consultation
How will you connect me with lawyer
As soon you pay for the consultation on Legistify, an email will be sent to both the parties introducing and connecting each other with all the necessary details - email, Mobile number etc
If I book a consultation today till when can I use the consultation
You can consult the lawyer anytime within two weeks after mutually agreeing on the same. It can be extended upto one month only if Lawyer permits. After One month your booking will stand invalid
What if I do not find the lawyer informative or helpful enough
If there is a situation where you are not satisfied with your consultation, we will get the issue sorted through our in house case management team and take actions for refunds(partial/full/none) accordingly
Can I make the payment post consultation
You are required to make the payment beforehand. We take this measure to ensure no spam requests and keep a quality check on your consultation as the lawyer gets paid only after that
How safe is my information
Your expert is bound by lawyer-client confidentiality post consultation. Thus your all your information is safe and secure
How do I trust your choice of lawyer
Our algorithm displays the best possible experts as per the inputs you provide. All of these lawyers are hand picked and go through a strict vetting procedure
Am I paying anything to Legistify for this
We do not charge you anything for our services. We have our own arrangement with the lawyers