Corporate Contract Drafting And Vetting Services In India

Published on 18 Aug 2019 by Shivi

Contracts and legal documents are one of the most critical and unavoidable parts of conducting business. Every business enters into a contract as one point or the other, especially when it is a corporate business. A business needs various commercial contracts for every single transaction with its vendors, clients, and even employees. It, therefore, becomes important for a business to get the contract drafting and vetting done from trusted sources, which understand the needs of a business and draft customised agreements for it.

A huge amount of time and resources are spent by a business to precisely frame its contracts or agreements to ensure that the contracts protect the interest of the company. At this stage, a majority of businesses often end up spending much more than it is required for drafting and vetting of agreements in India. 

Legistify recognises this issue faced by corporate businesses in India for maintaining healthy and legally protected relationships, and therefore, connect corporates with a network of corporate lawyers in India. Legistify’s onboarded corporate lawyers are able to understand the interest of the business and provide contract drafting and vetting services that protect the business from every legal angle. Legistify’s corporate lawyers follow the following approach for the drafting of agreements in India for businesses:

  1. Understanding the wishes and requirements of the business, and the purpose of the agreement.

  2. Using a checklist of parameters and important clauses to be added in the agreements.

  3. Drafting the agreement as per the existing laws that cover the subject matter of the agreement.

Types Of Business Contracts/Agreements

Businesses can hire a corporate lawyer in India to get contract drafting and vetting services for:

  • Corporate Commercial Contracts like IPR Licensing Agreements, Technology Transfer, Vendor Relations, Service Agreements, Confidentiality, Trademark Assignment, Arbitration Agreement, Mergers and Acquisitions;

  • Website Policies like Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Return and Refund Policy;

  • Employment documents like Employment Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Exit Agreements, Non-Compete Agreement;

  • Property Documents like Lease Deed, Sale-Purchase Agreement, Rental Agreements, Mortgage Deed, and much more.

Drafting And Vetting Services

The services offered by Legistify’s vast network of corporate lawyers in India include:

  1. Drafting of all kinds of legal documents as per the requirements of the business and the nature of the transaction.

  2. Vetting/review of legal documents to pinpoint any errors, mistakes or omissions.

  3. Negotiating the provisions of legal documents with other parties.

  4. Registration of documents with the right authorities.

Legistify also has a specialized team of dedicated case managers who keep a constant track of the corporate lawyer’s work and provide regular updates to the corporate clients regarding their contract drafting and vetting requirements. Users can also check the progress of their orders with Legistify’s state-of-the-art Litigation Management Tool- LegisTrak.

Legistify has a network of experienced corporate lawyers in India who have a deep understanding of the corporate law terminology. Businesses can consult a corporate lawyer in India to get answers for any questions relating to the drafting of agreements, amendments and re-drafting of the contract required after the first draft, and finalising the legal document after proper vetting of agreement.

Legistify’s corporate lawyers in India are just a call or email away. Call us at 846-883-3013 or send us an email at [email protected]

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