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No presumption exists for Police Officers to be Liars!
31 Mar 2016  |  Views: 11  | 
Ravindra Purohit

In theconjoint claims concerning the seizure of vast amount of charas from the twoappellants in a strike led by the Delhi Police, a Single Bench of Gupta J.mentioned a huge number of objective facts while releasing both the offers andmaintaining the judgment of the Trial Court charging the appellants underSection 20 of the NDPS Act, 1985 with 10 years of thorough detainment and afine of Rs. 1 lakh each.


Thepolice had gotten mystery data that two persons Rajiv and Rajveer, bothinhabitants of Bhiwani, Haryana were drawing close to Ghevara Mor to supplyimmense amount of charas to somebody. Upon the receipt of this data, policeassembled an attacking gathering and secured the appellants on the spot withtheir substantial heaps of charas. The Trial Court indicted and sentenced themon energy about proof on record under Section 20 of the NDPS Act. Theappellants spoke to by Narender Sharma and Habibur Rehman contended that noexertion was made by the police to join free persons in the examination andthat no onlooker or open witness was introduced for recuperation of the stashfrom the appellants. Further contending, the appellants asserted that there wasextreme postponement in the enlistment of FIR and that the Trial Courtneglected to recognize the disagreements in the statement of the witnesses withrespect to the test of the seized charas. Notwithstanding, seeing in actuality,the Court noticed that the affirmations tendered by different witnesses stoodconfirmed with each other and that the instance of the indictment couldn't bequestioned only on the ground of non-joining of open witnesses if the testimonyof the police witnesses were persuading and valid. Besides, the Court noticedthat the appellants did not charge any hostility or resentment against any ofthe police authorities for which they would be erroneously embroiled for thesituation.


Takingnote of the lack of engagement of individuals in joining the examination ashighlighted by the indictment, Court communicated its consternation towards thestate of mind of the courts of sending observers back, which makes provocationthem and debilitates them from partner in the examination of any case. Courtlikewise asserted that the assumption of trustworthiness is as much accessibleto a cop as it is accessible to whatever other authority witness, and that noassumption exists for the police authorities to be considered liars. Releasingthe offers, Court declined to meddle with the Trial Court's judgment in anyway.

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