Know your Show Cause Notice
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Constitution of India provides an accused person, a Fundamental Right to defend themselves when they are charged with certain allegations as India follows “innocent until proven guilty”. Show cause notice is formed closely on the same principal where a wrong-doer is given an opportunity to present himself with a reasonable excuse because of which such a wrongful act was committed.

As clear by its name, Show Cause Notice is a notice which is sent to any person by any authority i.e. government, employer, government employee’s, passport authority etc, to a any other person in order to reply back with a reasonable cause as to why a particular action shouldn’t be taken against him in regard to the defaulting act done by him. Generally it is used in order to provide the defaulter a chance to present himself with a reasonable cause because of which he committed the wrongful act.

Whenever you are served with any Show Cause Notice then there is no need to panic, until and unless you have a reasonable and a valid excuse because of which there was an omission of any necessary act or commission of any wrongful act. Whenever any Show Cause Notice is served then it contains the details of the act which is committed by you or was omitted, and also they mention the specific time-frame between which they want you to revert back to them by sending the reply on the address mentioned in the notice with a reasonable cause for the same. If you fail to reply to the notice within the specified time frame mentioned in it then the authority has right to take strict action against you. If due to unforeseen circumstances or any other reasonable reason you weren’t able to send the reply then in such case you can file the reply to the concerned authority along with stating your reasonable cause of delay.

While filing the reply it should always be kept in mind that your excuse should look reasonable (though not actually true).I mentioned the word LOOK before reasonable because only way to escape from Show Cause Notice is that you should come up with some reasonable excuse though it is true or not because authority who sent you the notice has discretion whether it finds the excuse reasonable or not. So the reply should always be drafted in such a way that if any lay-man would read it he should find the same as reasonable. Moreover, always sound humble in your reply and also sound sorry for the same. Lastly, be always very careful to file the reply within the specified time limit mentioned in the notice.

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