Job offer letters: A match made in heaven!
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The job offer letter is the first step towards the positive business relationship between you and your employees. This document is also referred to as the Letter of Intent. After the interview and the verbal agreement regarding the job, the offer letter seals the deal between the employee and the employer. Even in this day of science and technology, the offer letter still has the old school charm which marks the beginning of the official relationship.

You can expect the offer letter to contain all the necessary details regarding the job. Offer letters generally includes standard information regarding the position, start date and compensation. All the other necessary details regarding the salary, bonuses, etc., must also be mentioned without any ambiguity. The offer letter must contain sufficient words to let the candidate know that they were chosen specifically and that you recognize the skills and experience they bring to your company. All this encourages new employees to feel confident, not only of their decision to have accepted your job offer, but in their ability to perform the job itself.

An offer letter basically describes specific job duties, salary, and can even include the actual job description. Once they are signed by both parties, offer letters are considered legal documents and can be used to resolve any disputes that might come up relating to employment terms. An employment contract is an agreement between the employer and the employee about the terms of employment. If you have an employment contract, and your employer breaks it, you may be entitled to damages. If one party breaches a contract, the other party can sue for damages to compensate for the financial harm caused by the breach.

In the employment context, this often boils down to salary, benefits, and other amounts, an employee either doesn't receive or has to pay because the employer ended the employment relationship in violation of the contract's terms. A contract is breached, or broken, when either party doesn't live up to its agreement. For example, if you have an employment contract promising that you will be paid an annual salary of Rs.50, 000, but your employer decides to start you at a lower amount that would be breach of contract. Similarly, if you have a two-year contract stating that you may be fired only for good cause during the contract term, and you leave the job without any former notice that would be breach of contract, and you will be liable to damages.

Since, the offer letter is legally binding; it will help nip that complaint in the bud.

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