Lodging a complaint against E-Commerce sites

The Consumer Protection Act came into force to protect the rights of the consumers against the buyers who took advantage of their ignorance. The Consumer Protection act has specific legislation to protect the consumers against the unfair trade practices or their immoral activities. As the World Wide Web expanded, it extended its tentacles to the commerce as well .We were introduced with different selling and buying platforms. The E-commerce sites reduced the market hassles for the customers but on the other hand reduced their accountability. In this way the consumer complaints grew. With the growing awareness the number of consumer complaints also grew so a separate forum was formulated for the redressal of aggrieved consumers. First of all the complaint can be redressed by calling the customer care service of the particular e-commerce website. If that doesn’t works one can always go to the District Forum. The procedure is listed below.

1. The complaint shall be instituted in the appropriate forum within 2 years of the date of cause of action.

2. The consumer must have of proof of having purchased the goods or availed the services.

3. The consumer must ensure all the relevant facts in support of his case are clearly and specifically stated in the complaint,

4. The complainant shall file the complaint in the district forum in whose jurisdiction the opposite party is residing, working, gaining profit or in whose jurisdiction the cause of action has arisen.

5. The complainants should ensure that prescribed fee is paid through Demand Draft or Indisn Postal Order. The Prescribed fee for making complaints are: District Forum : upto 1 Lakh- Rs. 100 [ nil for BPL] Above 1 Lakh to 5 Lakhs –Rs. 200 Above 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs- Rs. 400

6. The last paragraph of the complaint shall state the relief or compensation sought from the forum.