Cybercrime: The Next Entrepreneurial Business?

Published on 27 Jul 2016 by Team

Cybercrime is one of the most debated topics these days, the cases and the incidents of cyber crime sound insane and sometimes cyber criminals show all their inhumanity by the cyber crimes they commit. The advancement of technology has made man dependent on the Internet for all his needs. The Internet has given man easy access to everything while sitting in one place. Social networking, online shopping, storing data, gaming, online studying, online jobs, every possible thing that man can think of can be done through the medium of internet. The Internet is used in almost every sphere. With the development of the internet, the concept of Cybercrimes emerged.

Land Mark Cases

Cybercrime cases are the most common and rapidly growing evil in the machine like and modernized society. Every corner of the world is now under the trigger of cyber terrorists. In India, numerous cases relating to Cyber Crime are registered till date. The case of ‘State of Tamil Nadu Vs Suhas Katti’ is one of the landmark cases in the field of Cybercrime. The accused in this case was a family friend of the victim and was reportedly interested in marrying her, but the victim was married to another person and later on, she was divorced. You can consult a good cyber crime lawyer in India to know more.

After her divorce the accused contacted her once again and on her denial to marry him, the accused started harassing her through internet by sending e-mails, posting obscene and defamatory messages in yahoo group about the victim which resulted in annoying phone calls to the victim. The victim of this case lodged a complaint on February 2004 and acting upon the complaint police arrested the accused within a few days.

In the case, CEO of was arrested inDecember 2004 because a CD with objectionable material was being sold on the website. The CD was also being sold in the markets in Delhi. The Mumbai city police and the Delhi Police got into action. The CEO was later released on bail. This opened up the question as to what kind of distinction do we draw between Internet Service Provider and Content Provider. The burden rests on the accused that he was the Service Provider and not the Content Provider. It also raises a lot of issues regarding how the police should handle the cyber crime cases and a lot of education is required.

Professional Hackers in the world of Cyber Crime

The culprits behind the world of cybercrime mainly include children and professional hackers. Most of these children are inspired by the thought of doing something new or something different from their friends and in fact, most of them are unaware of the punishment for such illegal activities. Legal awareness among them will certainly debar them from doing such crimes. It has become possible for people with comparatively low technical skills to steal thousands of pounds a day without leaving their homes. In fact, to make more money than can be made selling heroin (and with far less risk), the only time the criminal need leave his PC is to collect his cash. Sometimes they don't even need to do that.

With Opportunities Come Serious Risks

Cyberspace has become an increasingly attractive hunting ground for criminals, activists and terrorists motivated to make money, get noticed, cause disruption or even bring down corporations and governments through online attacks. In this day and age, organizations must be prepared for the unpredictable so they have the resilience to withstand unforeseen, high impact events. Top cyber crime advocates in India can help you in filing a cyber complaint in your city.

McAfee recently reported that cybercrime is a growth industry where the returns are great and the risks are low. In fact, McAfee estimates that the likely annual cost to the global economy from cybercrime is more than $400 billion, a number that is more than the national income of most countries. Unfortunately, governments and businesses tend to underestimate how much risk they face from cybercrime and how quickly this risk can develop.

Legal Scenario

The I.T. Act, 2000 which governs the cyber space in India also defines the offences which constitute cybercrime and prescribes punishment for them. For example- "under this Act, the punishment for hacking a computer system which causes wrongful damage to the public or destroys, alters or deletes any information residing in a computer or network of computers shall be imprisonment for three years or fine which may extend up to two lakh or both".Punishment for misrepresentation or publishing of digital signatures and other data for fraudulent purposes are also prescribed under this act. The I.T.Act also has an overriding effect over anything that is inconsistent and contained in any other law which is in force. This act also provides for Cyber Appellate Tribunal to deal with cases arising out of a violation or breach in cyber space.

The internet is slowly but steadily creeping into every sphere of modern life. As the internet has started occupying a pivotal position in our lives, we need to develop and evolve a ‘modus operandi’ on how to ensure a better use of this indispensable instrument and tackle the looming threat of criminal interference in cyber space. 

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