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what happens to me if my girfriend commits suicide?
I am very scared what will happen to me if my girlfriend commits suicide. I am 24,I am from an orthodox family and due to family reasons I told my girlfriend, we probably cannot get married. I am very sure I don't want to marry her. But if she commits suicide, can the family put a case on me for "abetting of suicide" ? Is there a possibility I will go to jail? What will be my best course of action?
By  ullas ahuja  |  08 Mar 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Deepika Gill

If your girlfriend commits suicide then you will be one of the suspects and will be held responsible for the death of the girl and will you will have to prove that it is a false allegation in the court.

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Harshit Bhurani
Inform local SHO of the police station and inform him through an application stating that this girl is having suicidal tendencies and you should not be held responsible in case such a thing happens. Inform the same to her parents and also to make her to attend counselling.
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