Need Of Non-Governmental Intellectual Property Organization

Why do we need Non-Governmental Intellectual Property Organization in India?
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Prateek Kumar

The absence of any umbrella non-governmental organization in the country, to cater to issues of creation, dissemination and safety of intellectual property requires a serious initiative in this vital subject of strategic potential. The need for a non-governmental intellectual property organization with an international perspective has been felt more in view of the fact that there is growing similarity in the approach and procedures governing intellectual property matters in various countries and simplification of practices through international standardization and mutual recognition of rights and duties among nations for which governments have negotiated and adopted multilateral treaties in various fields of intellectual property, each of which establishes a"Union" of countries which agrees to grant to nationals of other countries of the Union the same protection as they grant to their own, as well as to follow certain common rules, standards and practices. NIPO's role is to protect and promote our interests in the current globalized scenario as well as to ensure a smooth transition into the international mainstream.

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