What is the definition of stalking?
What is the legal definition of stalking?
By  Mehar B  |  15 Mar 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Stalking is when an abuser does things to scare you. Stalking is a crime even if your abuser does not hurt you physically. Stalking is called criminal harassment in the Canadian Criminal Code. A person may be stalking you if they:

-watch you and follow you;

-send you gifts you do not want;

-damage your property;

-try to contact you or contact you if you do not want them to;

-send you lots of messages that you do not want by mail, voice mail or email;

-try to contact you or send you messages through other people;

-threaten you or your family;

-do any of these things on-line.

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