What is the cost of appeal in Bombay high court?
Please advise what is the cost of filing appeal in Bombay High Court? Value of suit is Rs 24 lakhs. How is it calculated?
By  Ridhima  |  02 Mar 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Prateek Kumar

In my opinion, you are planing to engage an advocate or have already engaged one, why did yo not clarify about this with him/her?, or whether you are cross verifying his quotation?; If you want the exact details, just visit the high court campus, visit the registrar office, clarify the details in person.

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Tanushree Sharma
You have to purchase Non-Judicial paper for a value of Rs.120000 (7.5% of total suit value) + Advocate Fees. Before filing Suit, you must ascertain the Assets in favour of Opposite Party. Better you may contact local Advocate in your area and proceed.
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