What Are The Main And Necessary Ingredients Of Perjury For Getting A Favourable Order From A Court Of Law?

Perjury is the criminal offense of lying under oath. A perjury charge may be brought when someone makes a false statement after being sworn in or promising to tell the truth in a legal situation. For instance, a person giving testimony on the stand during a court case who tells a lie may be charged with perjury. Someone who lies during a deposition, or who lies on a signed declaration or affidavit can also be charged with this offense.
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Ravindra Purohit

In India perjury encompasses statement, material and/or any other form of evidence. The use of false material and inconsistent declarations also fall under the category of perjury. For instance, in the Jessica Lall case, it has to be seen whether the sudden invention of two weapons having been used constituted false material. In Zaheera Sheikh case it is her inconsistent declarations and retractions.

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