Maximum Amount Of Alimony After Divorce

We have been married since 4 years. My wife has lot of ego problems & always just keep suspecting me & blaming me. She is well educated (masters), works in government bank as Manager and owns a property (1 BHK flat) on her name. In case of divorce, what can they demand as alimony in worst case situation?
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Divorce & Alimony Family Law

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Tushar Bhargava

As you have stated above if she is working and earning more than or nearly equal to your income she will not get any alimony from the court. If she is earning less and you are earning much more the court may after taking into consideration your expenses and expenses of person's dependent on you may award some amount as alimony to her.

Vishal Kumar Thakur

Yes, u can file application for Maintenance, before the appropriate court, against ur ex-husband. For proper adjucation of the case, u have to collect details of residence for service & income details.

Harshit Bhurani
Normally it depends upon your lifestyle,living standards and your income. It is always advised that instead of going alone for divorce try to settle the issue or go for mutual consent divorce.As you are aware that our law favors women and your father in law is retired ACP so it is better that you both agree for mutual divorce after due discussion.

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