Suit for eviction & recovery of rent
Notice was given to tenant to vacate as per registered lease deed( either party can terminate with 30 days notice without giving any reason, although the rented house is being used for other than residential purpose (NGO) and also rent were in arrears. Later, suit was filed for eviction and recovery of rent (rent not paid for more than one year and is still not paid). The defendant counsel is delaying the proceedings by avoiding attending court. 18 months have passed and even the lease is elapsed now. The landlord is 82 years old and sick and worried for justice and early resolution.
By  Swati Agrawal  |  05 Jul 2016  |  Upvotes: 1  | 

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File an application for early hearing before the court. State the grounds that you have provided here. If the court is still taking a lenient view on the matter then you may approach the High Court by way of a writ petition to exercise its supervisory jurisdiction over the lower courts. The High Court may be able to give you the appropriate relief

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