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Sent home after marriage.Can I file a rape case?
I was having an affair with a boy. I filed a complain against the boy. We compromised and we got married. After marriage we went for our honeymoon. After that his family sent me home and now the boy and his family are saying that they don't want to keep me. Can I file rape case? What all can I do?
By  shruti sinha  |  15 Mar 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Prateek Kumar

You cannot file rape case, however you can file complaint u/s 498 A (cruelty against woman by her husband or his relatives), 406, 323-326 (depending if any hurt caused to you by them), 506 (criminal intimidation), many more sections depending on their behaviour towards you. If a man does intercourse with his wife during seperation its an offence, and intercourse against the order of nature is also an offence.

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