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Obtaining Geographical Indication Protection
What conditions must be met to obtain geographical indication protection?
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Harshit Bhurani

A sign must qualify as a geographical indication under the applicable law and not be subject to any obstacles to registering a geographical indication (GI). Generally, an important requirement under the definition, is that the good identified by the GI needs to have a link to the geographical origin.This link may be determined by a given quality, reputation or other characteristic essentially due to the geographical origin. In many legislation a single criterion attributable to geographical origin is sufficient, be it a quality or other characteristic of the product, or only its reputation.Protection for a geographical indication (GI) is granted by a national (regional) competent authority upon request.In some countries the function of granting GI protection is carried out by a special body responsible for GI protection. In other countries, the national intellectual property (IP) office carries out this function.

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