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Non bailable warrant issued against me
My wife deserted me with all the bank locker gold items. She filed maintenance and the judge ordered 25,000 monthly based on the false allegations ,saying I have nami and benami properties.The total arrears now amounts to 4,50,000. I have been jobless since the past 1 year having also to contest the 498 case against me. Now, the judge has issued non bailable warrant against me. I want to know whether I can seek bail ? What will be the jail term? Please advise what needs to be done.
By  ullas ahuja  |  09 Mar 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Vishal Kumar Thakur

File a criminal wirt(Article 227) or revision(401 CrPC) in High Court against the maintenance judgement and pray for stay order on NBW and execution. Apply for speedy trial in HC of your 498A and get direction to dispose of the matter within 6 months.

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Ravindra Purohit
You need to go for recall of non bailable warrant.
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