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Legality of Live in Relationship

My common friends wants to stay in a live in relationship.Is it legal?

By  Sameer Kedia  |  03 Jun 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Yes it is very much legal in India now after the Supreme Court Judgement.Moreover,

1) Children born out of live-in relationships are eligible to be maintained by both the parents and can succeed in inheritance of property of the parents.

2) Domestic Violence Act also includes live-in relationships.

3) Indian courts also tend to look at long term live-in relationships more or less like marriages with application of maintenance laws. The court has held that there is a presumption of marriage between those who are in live-in relationship for a long time and this cannot be termed as 'walking-in and walking-out' relationship. One night stands and spending weekends have been excluded from the scope.

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Tanushree Sharma

Live in relationships are legal. No law can / will ever force two people to enter into a legal relationship (marriage) to live with another.

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