Registration Of Marriage Compulsory In India

I want to know that whether registration of marriage is compulsory In India?
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Ravindra Purohit

Some of the states in the Indian Union have enacted legislations to make marriage registration compulsory; These states are Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.Registration of marriage is optional in other states.After you marry the PIO/NRI, you must register the marriage at the office ofthe Registrar in India before you/your husband leave the country. The marriage certificate issued by the Registrars’ office and a copy of it should be kept withyou and your family in India. -Please keep adequate proof like marriage photographs, wedding invitation, copy of the husbands’ passport driving license, any other ID proof issued by the foreign country, visa address proof of both bride and groom etc. -Please remember the following points -Marriage registration certificate should be carried at all times. -Doing all the paperwork for issue of visa and other required formalities at your end- keep all the original papers with yourself. - Affidavit from the spouse stating present marital status. - Visit with a health/comprehensive insurance policy before arriving in the foreign country. - Keep your passport with you in the foreign country and at least one copy of the passport.


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