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Is it legal for the shopkeepers to charge refrigeration charges on cold drinks?
I had read an article in the newspaper saying that the shopkeepers are provided with the refrigerators by the cold drink manufacturing companies and the MRP written on the bottle is inclusive of the refrigeration charges. Also, if this is the case and a shopkeeper denies to sell it at the MRP then what is the appropriate action to be taken as a consumer?
By  Mihir Dharap  |  13 Mar 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Ravindra Purohit

It is illegal for a retailer to charge the consumers above MRP as retailer’s margin is already included in it. The fridge and other cooling devices are provided to the retailers by the dealers/wholesalers. If a retailer denies to sell on the MRP, then one can take him to consumer court.

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