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My friend's father had made 2 insurance policies before 2 years of Rs 12000 per annum for assurance of Rs 250000 in his mothers name.My friend's mother expired recently due to cancer , but now LIC insurance company has rejected to give policy money because they say that my friend's dad have been late to give money i.e after due date, but in reality its not true my friend's dad has given cheque on time to insurance agent and he have a proof of it. It is the mistake of insurance agent to delay and for another insurance policy they said that they cannot give money because my friend's mother had cancer, but she suffered from cancer after the insurance policy was made, insurance agent has made check up of her before making the policy then how could they say that they cant give money?
By  Esha Dhir  |  11 Jul 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Harshit Bhurani

A policy holder has to remit the money towards the policy in time. However, there will be a grace period, subsequent to last date of paying premium and the policy would be active during that period also. Please check up if that period is also lapsed. Regarding the other policy, LIC can not deny for the reason that the policy holder has died of cancer and it is not the fault of the policy holder to acquire any disease. The LIC before giving policy would have gone through the records, including her health medical record, and then the LIC would have decided to give her a policy. Why to take a Life insurance policy, when the life is cut short by cancer and the insurer refuses to pay for the untimely death. Then what for the policy is taken? Complain against the insurer before the consumer forum to get the money.

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