Legal Action Against Hacking With Computer System

My husband has stolen my ID's & passwords and is misusing them as he did online chatting & on that basis he has been making allegations against me . Has he committed a cyber crime? If yes, please confirm under which section he has committed the same.
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Cyber Crime
Cyber Crime

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Ravindra Purohit
You husband has allegedly hacked into your email without your permission, therefore, he has committed an offence under section 66 of the IT act and is liable to be punished accordingly on submission of proof. The relevant provision is reproduced herein below: Sec 66: Hacking with computer system. (1) Whoever with the intent to cause or knowing that he is likely to cause wrongful loss or damage to the public or any person destroys or deletes or alters any information residing in a computer resource or diminishes its value or utility or affects it injuriously by any means, commits hack: (2) Whoever commits hacking shall be punished with imprisonment up to three years, or with fine which may extend upto two lakh rupees, or with both.

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