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How can I pay my share and get out in a partnership company?
Recently my partnership firm in Delhi closed down. It was a 50 - 50 ratio partnership. There is a dispute between partners. No dissolution deed has been signed. There are 3 Sec 138 cases filed against us. My partner is not willing to pay and sort though I am willing to pay my 50% share. Can I be exempted after paying my share. Both people have signed the cheques. Is there any case law?
By  Ritesh .  |  11 Apr 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Deepika Gill

Issue a Partnership Dissolution Legal-Notice to your partner before Monday. Legal-Notice can be issued on sunday also and can be sent through private courier also. Show the issued legal-notice copy to the judge on Monday and tell the opposite party that you are willing to pay 50% of the cheque-amount as it will show that you really want to finish the partnership and are not just running away.

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