How Can I Get My Father's Property?

1) I am the eldest son in the family staying with my parents in Mumbai. Our house is registered in my father's name, he wants to give it to my married sister who already has her own house in Mumbai.   

2) My mother wants our house to be given to me, what rights my mother would have on this property? Can my mother object or challenge my father's decision by law? Can she make her own will without the knowledge of my father, will such a will be legally acceptable?

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Family Law,Property/Real Estate
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Vishal Kumar Thakur

1)If property belongs to your father, he can gift it to your sister during his life time without any consent form others.

2)No, your mother can not challenge and raise objection.

3)You have no right over the property during his life time. You will get 50% share from the joint property with your wife even after divorce.

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