How And Where To File A Case Under Copyright Law?

I was associated with a band (musical group). Me and the lead vocalist of the band had composed a few songs together. He got the songs copyright in his name without my prior permission or even telling me about it. One of these songs was my solo composition which was composed even before the band was formed. The music of all the other songs was composed by me alone. He just supported me with the lyrics. Now he has found some new members in the band and they all voted me out. I want to sue him under the Copyright Law for illegally using my intellectual property (my work for the band) without my prior consent. Please tell me what is the procedure and where is the proper court in Delhi to file my application.
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3 Answer(s)

Prateek Kumar

It is better first you get Copyright Registration for your creation and then go to Court,this will save you from any embarassment from the other side.

Rashi Gahlaut

You can file a suit in a District Court or city civil court; since the copyright registration is already obtained by the other band member, you are suggested to initiate a cancellation proceeding before the reigstrar of copy rights.

Deepika Gill

The High Courts in India always have their original jurisdiction to take any matter as authorised by the Consitution however, you can also choose district courts depending on the threshold of monetary compensation if any, you want as a remedy.

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