How I Can Send An Eviction Notice?

I have a property given to me by virtue of Gift Deed. The Donor had filed a suit and later withdrawn the suit.The Property was kept locked by me as the litigation was on. After withdrawing the suit filed they have broken our lock put on the property and entered the premises and occupied the same. We have registered a case in the Police Station got an FIR for trespassing by lock breaking.We had mentioned that the property was under status quo the Police Station. When we followed up with the Police they gave us a certified copy of withdrawal of suit. Now police have given us under investigation status for the case.How do we get police to act,How long will eviction suit from court take to get them our and how will it be implemented.What if they do any damage to the property while leaving.How Can we make police act on our complain?
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Vishal Kumar Thakur

Police can't help you in recovering possession because that is not their job. The magistrate shall only decide when they broke the lock or not. You should file a suit for possession and permanent injunction.

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