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This is first time I am filling an application for copyright registration. I have to copyright a video format/script under Literary work and the final output i.e. the video under Cinematography film category, which has already been broadcasted / published on YouTube worldwide. The copyright applicant is a foreign PTE Ltd company registering copyright in India. The YouTube channel where the work is published belongs to the foreign company. Can someone please spare few minutes and help me filling up Form XIV. In the statement of particulars, if a question does not apply to the company,should I leave it blank or write Not Applicable? And are there any other things to keep in mind? Thanks.
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Documentation Intellectual Property Rights(IPR)

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Team Legistify

Chapter XIII of the Copyright Rules, 2013, as amended, sets out the procedure for the registration of a work. Copies of the Act and Rules can be obtained  from the Copyright Office web-site "". 

Rashi Gahlaut

You need to fill up the Form-XIV using their online copyright registration form : and here is all the instructions : that you may need to refer to. There are options available for selecting "N/A" where its not applicable. Read the instructions carefully before filling up the form which is given at the last of the document (the link provided above).

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