Fraud affidavit given by my uncle using my mothers identity
i have a flat in my mothers uncle and aunt made a false affidavit take a light connection of that flat making affidavit in my mothers name and using her false signature and put aunts picture on affidavit...they took the stamp on my mothers name using false i knew about that i got a certified copy from power house now as it is my family matter so i have warned them as they r using our flat so can i file a 420 case...any time period is there to file the case in this fraud case .the affidavit is four yrs old.what is section and punishment under this offence?
By  sayyeda saniya  |  12 Aug 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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You better file a suit for injuction and restrin them from selling the property or creating any third party interest in the property.Sometime in the case you have stated they may escape saying that this is done by agent whom they had asked to procure the meter etc.

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