Challenging A Will In Court Of Law

My Grandfather wrote a will in the name of my father and has 4 siblings. Due to his illness some years later he made a legal document and allowed all the siblings to sign it and made his elder brother responsible for the property and asked him to settle the property amongst all other siblings.Now some years later the elder brother is misusing the rights. Is the will the most powerful document in Indian law?Can he file a case to revoke the rights ?
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Tanushree Sharma

A will is a wish to be carried out after the death of a person.For a will to be VALID certain pre requisites are essential. In your case the WILL is invalid because a person having an interest in the WILL cannot be a witness nor an executor of the WILL.Therefor as par law, your grand dad died without a WILL. Challenge it in court and you will win.

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