Can I re-enter into my shop, rented on leave & license basis?
My shop in Raigarh (Maharashtra) is on Lease & license basis with Registered agreement. The licensee defaulted on payment and so, I, as per agreement, issued notice but the payment is still pending. My L & L Agreement terms specify that if Licensee fails to rectify default, I can lock the shop. The term also says that I, after notice, can re-enter into the shop, sell the asset inside to recover my dues. Since I followed all procedures as per registered L &L agreement, will there be any case of criminal trespassing, if I act as per the agreement and re-enter into my shop (after breaking the licensee lock)?
By  Devang Yadav  |  04 May 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Tanushree Sharma

You cannot take law of land in your hands. So file a case for eviction for taking your possession.

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