Can I ask for alimony after 20 years of divorce from my husband ?
I was divorced 20 years back and never asked for any alimony. I was working and was confident that I could manage. Now, due to various reasons I have no income and I have been unwell for quite some time. I am in a really difficult situation. My ex-husband now lives in the UK and is a British citizen. Though I have asked him for financial help, he has not been very responsive. Now I wish to know if it is possible to claim any kind of maintenance from him. He is a businessperson and is doing fairly well.
By  Ridhima  |  04 Mar 2016  |  Upvotes: 1  | 

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Vishal Kumar Thakur

Yes, you can file application for Maintenance, before the appropriate court, against ur ex-husband. For proper adjucation of the case, you have to collect details of residence for service & income details.

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Tanushree Sharma
Technically there is no bar in filing for the alimony. But chances of winning the same is very very remote. Because it would be very difficult to explain the reason for such a massive delay in filing this application. And secondly if you have sustained all through these days, then the judge may not accept your application for the petition under the ground that its beyond limitation.
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