Laws of anti dumping in India
Anti dumping- measure of protection for domestic industry.Yes or No?

Is anti dumping a measure of protection for domestic industry?

By  Angshuman Chaudhary  |  28 Jun 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Rashi Gahlaut

Anti dumping, in common parlance, is understood as a measure of protection for domestic industry. However, anti dumping measures do not provide protection per se to the domestic industry. It only serves the purpose of providing remedy to the domestic industry against the injury caused by the unfair trade practice of dumping. In fact, anti dumping is a trade remedial measure to counteract the trade distortion caused by dumping and the consequential injury to the domestic industry. Only in this sense, it can be seen as a protective measure. It can never be regarded as a protectionist measure.

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