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Accused of 313, 504, 406 120b in US how to get him back to India
I have filed a FIR against my father- in-law, mother- in-law, husband & brother- in- law U/S 313, 324, 498A, 120b, 406 and 506. My in laws had initially accepted to all heinous crimes in written statement to police. My brother in law did online shopping from my debit card worth $2000 for his fiance delivered to his US address. I have recent photographs wherein my brother in laws' wife is seen wearing my jewelry which is in their custody. My brother in law has fled to US where he is working on H1B. Any possibility I can legally contact US Police/ immigration to get him deported to India.
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Harshit Bhurani

The magistrate can send the summon to your brother in law through Minsitry to Indian Embassy in US.

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