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A Hindu couple has no children. The husband owns house property in his name. Source of funds for purchase of this property was provided by his brothers and mother.

Questions:1) After the life time of the husband without his leaving any Will, is it legally permissible for the wife,to dispose off the property to whomever she chooses?

(2) Or is the ownership of property goes legally to source providers i.e.husband's brothers and mother?

(3) After lifetime of this couple, both husband and wife, without leaving any Will ,who will be the legal heir for this property?

By  Mihir Dharap  |  21 May 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Tushar Bhargava

Wife becomes vested owner after the death if husband died intestate, and she can dispose of property at her will. Source providers have no concern with property no on their name as the Benami transaction has been prohibited in India. Property will go to legal heirs of wife after her death.

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