What Is Meant By Abduction

Can anyone explain me the meaning of Abduction.
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Ravindra Purohit

The wrongful taking away (usually by force) of a person. In respect of the taking away of a girl under the age of 16, it is a statutory offence. The problem of separated parents removing children from one country to another is now regulated in many states by international conventions which require that the child should normally be returned to his or her country of habitual residence unless there is a grave risk of physical or psychological harm or an otherwise intolerable situation.

Rashi Gahlaut

The criminal taking away a person by persuasion (convincing someone--particularly a minor or a woman he/she is betteroff leaving with the persuader), by fraud (telling the person he/she is needed, or that the mother or father wants him/her tocome with the abductor), or by open force or violence. Originally abduction applied only to protect women and children asvictims. Currently in most states it can also apply to an adult male. In fact, in some states like New York abduction meantthe unlawful taking or detention of any female for purposes of "marriage, concubinage or prostitution." Kidnapping is more limited, requiring force, threat of force of an adult or the taking of children.

Tushar Bhargava

The act of restraining another through the use or threat of Deadly Force or through fraudulent persuasion. The requisiterestraint generally requires that the abductor intend to prevent the liberation of the abductee. Some states require that theabductee be a minor or that the abductor intend to subject the abductee to prostitution or illicit sexual activity.

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