Declaration Of An Absconder As A Proclaimed Offender

Under what circumstances may a court declare an absconder to be a offender?
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Harshit Bhurani

The Court may pronounce an absconder as a proclaimed offender if he is accused of any of the following offences:Murder; Culpable homicide not amounting to murder,Kidnapping or abducting in order to murder; Kidnapping or abducting in order to subject person to grievous hurt, slavery etc.,Committing theft after making preparation for death, hurt or restraint in order to commit the theft; Committing robbery or attempting to do so; Causing hurt in committing robbery; Committing dacoity/ dacoity with murder; Committing robbery/dacoity with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt; Attempting to commit robbery/dacoity when armed with deadly weapon; Preparing to commit or assembling to commit dacoity; Belonging to a gang of dacoits,Causing mischief by fire or explosive substance with intent to destroy house, etc

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