What Should I Do In Case As There Is Deficiency In Services As Promised By The Real Estate Promoter?

I invested in a plot in Bangalore of Rs.9 lacs in 2012. The realtor advertised the land to be free hold, converted, DTCP approved with amenities such as tar roads, electric connection, water, swimming pool, temple, health club and other common amenities in 1-1/2 years. So far they have not done any work, the plot remains as it is when I registered 1.5 years back with only mud roads. They have advertised all amenities completion in 2013 - ready to move in site in 2014 via newspapers and online websites. How far my complaint under consumer protection act is valid?
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Property/Real Estate
Property/Real Estate

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Rashi Gahlaut

Dear Sir/Madam, its all depend upon terms and conditions of the sale agreement/absolute sale deed/MOU between the purchaser and seller. If you have found as per your query in the above said documents you have every right to get compensation for the delay in the form of deficiency of service by way of filing petition before the district consumer forum, before going to file the petition, you should issued a legal notice to the said builder/promoter in respect of the same for your claim... if you want my legal service I will do it.

Ravindra Purohit

This is a common issues many buyers are facing with the builders/real estate companies/realtor. Yes, you do have a good case. You can file a consumer complaint. Ensure you have all the papers in place required for proving your case.

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