Difference Between Aiding And Abetting

How are aiding and abetting different?
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Ravindra Purohit

Aid and Abet means essentially the same thing.

  • Aiding- To criminally assist someone in committing a crime. This may occur in planning a crime or escape from apprehension, as well as actually committing the crime.
  • Abetting- may occur through encouraging, counseling, or ordering another to commit a crime.
Prateek Kumar

My understanding is aid is to actually participate in the criminal act, and abet is to provide support or cover  the fact. You're aiding if you drive the get away car; you're abetting if you let the robbers hide the car in your garage.

Tanushree Sharma

Aiding has to do with giving quarter to a wanted person and abetting deals with enabling someone to commit a crime and get away with it, they are slightly different but for legal purposes they are treated the same.

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