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I am an adult male living with my family in a government provided quarter allotted to my mother. Until recently, my mother threatened me of eviction and verbally abused after a dispute over a small matter. I would like to know whether it is an offense to threaten eviction of a family member or verbally abuse them and threaten to physically hurt them or not. Can I file an FIR or register a case diary against this, and if so, under what laws, provisions and/or articles? Can another family member's witness be taken into account for the purposes of examining? Also, is a written deposition of witness by neighbors acceptable?
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Deepika Gill

No one can stop you for making a complaint in police station. But being an adult you do not have maintenance and residence right. Legally speaking, you can live in the quarter only as long as your mother desires to allow you to live therein. It is true that you can register a FIR for abusing and threatening you, but it is equally true that if you register a police complaint against him then he may remove you from the quarter.

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