Divorce On Ground Of Mental Cruelty

My wife insults me all the time even in the presence of other people.She asks me to live beyond my means and asked me to take loan. I am fed up and I want divorce. Is it not cruelty for which I can seek divorce ?
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Deepika Gill

Constantly insulting the other spouse and humiliating him in presence of others does amount to cruelty. Requiring the other spouse to live beyond his means in order to enable the matrimonial life to continue and not desisting from extravagances though requested by other spouse can as well amount to cruelty in certain circumstances. Matrimonial life is for homogeneity and companionship. In the course of the same fortunes and limitations of each other have to be shared. To pester the other spouse to live beyond mean and invite indebtedness can hardly to considered as conducive to congenial married life. Persistency in this regard can be termed as lacking in feelings for the welfare, happiness and security of the other spouse. Callous attitude in this behalf can amount to cruelty.

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