What Is The Procedure For Recovering A Cheque Which Was Bounced?

How do I recover money after cheque bounce?
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Banking Cheque Bounce

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Tanushree Sharma

Deposit cheque If cheque dishonoured, Send notice for payment of cheque amount. Wait for 15 days after receipt of notice. If no payment recd still, then file case in criminal court. In that order.


As soon as you receive the memo from banker you have to send legal notice within 30 days demanding amount mentioned in the instrument and if after receipt of notice drawer fails to pay the amount demanded within 15 days you will have to file complaint as per sec. 138 of NIACT within 30 days.

Rashi Gahlaut

You have to issue legal notice and thereafter can either file civil or 138 case against drawer of cheque. In civil you can ask interest too. You can also file both cases simultaneously but have to pay stamp duty on it.

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